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Why organic?

Healthy, humane, sustainable

The question's on the bag

There are lots of benefits – both for you and the planet – from buying organic foods. The main ones are

      • no pesticide residues on your food.  Government pesticide testing results have shown particularly high levels on grapes, spinach, red peppers and courgettes.  All these are available in the shop from organic growers (grapes seasonally)

  • no other nasties such as hydrogenated fats, aspartame, tartrazine and MSG so it’s better for you
  • no genetically modified (GM) crops or ingredients with all the issues GM raises


    • no oil-based fertilizers to grow your food so it’s a more sustainable method of farming
    • lower carbon footprint because fewer greenhouse gases released
    • natural methods of pest control will have been used so it’s good for wildlife and doesn’t require oil-based pesticides
    • the farmers will be building up soil fertility and encouraging worms and other valuable micro-organisms within the soil
    • organic farmers in the UK restore hedgerows and plant trees to encourage birds, bees and butterflies
    • compassionate farming methods, so if you’re buying dairy products, the cow or goat will have had plenty of space and fresh air.  Same with the chickens (and eggs)

      Cheese in the shop from happy cows

Read more about the benefits on the website of the Soil Association