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Our suppliers

Celtic Bakers

This is a very special company and one of Costas’ favourites. It is the umbrella name for a number of small artisinal bread companies which came together as Celtic Bakeries. Bakoven, South London Bakers and Natural Rise. This explains the wonderful range of particularly delicious organic speciality breads made to traditional recipes by authentic methods. The range includes rye and traditional wheat loaves.
White, Wholemeal, Malted and Seeded breads.
Natural levains, long ferments and sour doughs.
Rolls, cakes, croissants and pastries.
Wheat Free and Yeast Free.
all handmade and baked on the stone base of the oven.

The company philosophy is “to tread lightly on the planet so our ingredients are sourced organically, locally and from fair trade partners wherever possible”.

Delivered to the Olive Tree on Mondays and Thursdays, so don’t miss them.

High Weald Dairy

Sarah and Mark Hardy

High Weald Dairy is family run, based on an organic dairy farm in West Sussex. Mark and Sarah Hardy explain…
“The organic cow milk comes from the cows based on our farm and travels just 20 metres to the dairy. The sheep milk is supplied by several sheep milking units, and our goat milk comes from Kent
Our cheese makers craft a delicious range of award winning cheeses from organic cows milk, conventional and organic sheep milk and most recently goat milk.

Our cheese is suitable for vegetarians as we only use vegetable rennet. We do not use artificial ingredients or processes”

Don’t miss the great short film about the farm and diary and the range of cheeses on the High Weald Dairy website

Sarah and Mark also run regular cheese making courses which look fascinating.

You’ll find a big selection of High Weald cheeses in the shop, ranging from the soft sheeps’ cheeses with herbs and the Greek-style sheeps’ cheeses to the mature hard cows’ and goats’milk cheeses.

John Hurd’s Organic Watercress

A staple of the Olive Tree’s fridge.  From an organic farm in Wiltshire.

John Hurd and his family have been cultivating watercress for over forty years and  in 1992 John took the decision to go totally organic.  He was awarded his first ‘Organic Certificate’ in June 1994.  Read more on John’s website, including watercress’s incredible nutritional benefits.  Rich in calcium, vitamins C and E, iron and trace elements.

Farmer Govier and Langridge Organics

Bag of Govier broccoli in the shop


A lot of the green vegetables come from Farmer Govier who is based in Devon. Bernard Govier was an early pioneer of organic farming and his farm has been solely organic since 1982-83.  His son David is following in his muddy but fertile footsteps.

Beautiful beetroot from Langridge Organics

As well as farming Bernard ran a wholesale warehouse in New Covent Garden market, selling a wide range of quality English organic produce, as well as organic imports from Europe and the rest of the world.  The buying policy  is “to source from the closest possible producer providing they meet with the quality standards our customers expect, only once these supplies have been exhausted do we look further afield for our supplies. We only buy from outside the EEC once there are no other alternatives…. we welcome the recent increase in emphasis placed on local produce”.

David Govier and friend picking beans

So you can see why Costas likes to buy produce from Langridge Organics.  Their philosophy chimes perfectly with his.

And what hard work the picking is, even in good weather

More Suppliers’ stories here soon